Uday Kiran Biopic: Sundeep Kishan To Produce And Act?

Uday Kiran Biopic: Sundeep Kishan To Produce And Act?

There was a buzz earlier that director Teja is coming up with the idea of making a biopic on Udaya Kiran, but the director later refused it. And it looks like a newcomer director is getting ready to do the same, making a movie on the life and times of Uday Kiran.

As the life of Uday Kiran has much-unexplored sides regarding to his love life, marital issues, breaking up marriage with Chiranjeevi's daughter, losing film chances and subsequent death, surely it makes a great story. A rumour is now doing rounds that hero Sandeep Kishan wants to play the role of Uday in this biopic.

Unconfirmed news is doing rounds that Sundeep got impressed with the idea of a biopic on Uday Kiran and he has even come forward to produce it. But the flop show of Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL is said to have pushed him into thinking about investing into the project, and he's now looking forward to partners they say.

However, industry experts film that not only making a film on Uday Kiran's career but starring in it won't be of much help to Sandeep's career as none of the biopics other than Savitri's Mahanati have done well at the Telugu box office.

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