Will These Likes & Views Reflect In Collections?

Will These Likes & Views Reflect In Collections?

The fight for getting huge 'views' on YouTube and celebrating the 'likes' on each video is at peak stage with both Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and Sarileru Neekevvaru claiming bigger stakes. And the makers of these films are said to be spending a bomb to get these things done.

And the immediate question that lingers our mind is, will these 'likes' and 'views' turn out into audiences, thereby giving huge collections at the box office when the film released? For example, we have Kolaveri Di clocking 200 million views, but not even a quarter of it watched the film '3' in theatres, as the content happens to be a damp squib and dragged.

However, the major thing that could happen in the present day is that promoting YouTube videos aggressively will result in direct-to-user promotion. Though the costs are high when it comes to digital promotions, the user will be directly met on his smartphone with the vides of these movies. If he gets connected, there are chances that he might watch the movie in theatres.

Currently, there are metrics coming up to measure the turn-out-ratio of these types of digital marketing, but frankly speaking, Telugu audiences aren't so forgiving that they watch films due to hefty promotions. Till date, only those films that got worthy content clicked and no matter how much the likes of Saaho and Sye Raa are promoted, their result showed a direct proportionality with their content.

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