Balayya Missing Out Many Key Events, Why So?

Balayya Missing Out Many Key Events, Why So?

Recently when the Diwali bash pictures of Mega family and Akkineni family came out, many thought that even Nandamuri bash should have looked awesome in case if Balayya celebrated one, or shared those pictures. And now, the reunion party of actors that takes place annually, has seen him missing out.

Apart from Rajnikanth, the only biggie and popular actor who is missing at the "Class Of 80s" 10th anniversary that took place at Megastar Chiru's newly built palatial residence is none other than Nandamuri Balakrishna. While we have Nagarjuna and Venkatesh joining Chiru, this time Balayya missed out, as looking all this four together would have overwhelmed cinema lovers.

Some say that Balayya got busy with Ruler, but then, taking a break in the evenings and attending a night party isn't a thing that would get hurdled by the shoot. Few revealed that he's actually busy with a special pooja that is done after Karthika Masam and hence couldn't really attend it.

Whatever it maybe, Balayya is missing at key events these days including the recently concluded ANR Awards event as well.

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