Baahubali Writer's Next With Kangana: Aparajitha Ayodhya

Baahubali Writer's Next With Kangana: Aparajitha Ayodhya

Seems like the confidence this star heroine has in Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad just god troubled. And after playing the victim card in Bollywood for a long time, she started playing the Hindutva card too, and here is her next step towards it.

After coming out in support of Ayodhya Verdict of Supreme Court, now comes Kangana Ranaut, all set for a film on a similar story. Titled "Aparajitha Ayodhya", the film deals with Ram Mandir and the journey of a person from non-believer to believer. Vijayendra Prasad is said to have written the script a long time ago but the project is now brought down from the attic as the Ayodhya verdict has taken the country by a storm.

Kangana says that there is lot of negativity surrounding the name Ayodhya since the Babri Masjid Demolition incident took place, and her film is going to wipe that out. She hails Vijayendra Prasad again for delving deeper into the brain to bring out such content which not only focuses on spirituality but opens up the truth.

Currently, Kangana is busy with "Thalaivi", the biopic of Tamilnadu's late CM and former heroine Jayalalitha.

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