Sekhar Kammula vs Others, That's the Difference

Sekhar Kammula vs Others, That's the Difference

Known for coming up with sensible stories that have feminism angle worked out better, director Sekhar Kammula is carving another beautiful movie with Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi in the leads. The other day teaser of #NC19, whose title is not yet locked, is revealed on the eve of Chay's birthday.

Currently, there is a talk going on in Film Circles about how Sekhar Kammula's portrays things in his films compared to others. For example, we have #OMGDaddy song released other day where a middle-class guy who is suffering at the hands of his over-disciplined father, imagines a song in picturesque locales of Paris. But in Kammula's films, the middle-class range hero who runs a fitness centres goes nowhere during his imagination.

For the kind of budget people are liking to invest in Kammula's movies, nearly 20 crores, surely they could go abroad and do the songs. But then, the beauty of a cinema lies in showcasing the reality with a touch of magic, but not entirely putting rich dreams in that space. That's the difference Sekhar Kammula makes as a filmmaker.

Perhaps that is the reason why Sekhar's movies are liked to the core by middle class people as he reflects upon their lives as is.

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