Amazon Prime: Saaho & Sye Raa Worrying Producers!

Amazon Prime: Saaho & Sye Raa Worrying Producers!

One one side producers like Suresh Babu are crying foul that the arrival of films on Amazon Prime Video has cut short the numbers of audiences coming to theatres. But then, big producers want to sell their films to Prime because they offer huge chunks of money. And very soon, this comfort zone might go away.

Apparently top Telugu producers are now worried as Amazon Prime is said to have started to give a second thought about paying high prices for the rights of Telugu movies. These happened due to the poor performance of Saaho on Amazon Prime as the film's south versions are hardly watched by any audiences.

Joining Saaho is Sye Raa, whose arrival on Prime hasn't created any buzz as most of the Telugu audiences have almost watched it, while other language audiences neither had excitement nor need to watch it after critics ripped it apart. Still, they are waiting to see how Sye Raa will perform for the next couple of weekends.

If Sye Raa also joins Saaho as an underperformer, then Amazon Prime will be paying quite less money or introduce the pay per view model to Tollywood. Well, our guys squeezed the most of golden goose already, so the time has come!

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