Will Maruthi Add New Taste To This Old Pickle!

Will Maruthi Add New Taste To This Old Pickle!

Sometimes many wonders why certain directors dish out these films with routine stuff when they know that their career and that of the hero are at stake. From Sreenu Vaitla to Boyapati Srinu, sticking to the same template, they have made similar movies, which resulted not only in financial losses but also made Telugu viewers lose respect and interest on Telugu films.

Seems like even Maruthi is also joining that gang, despite the fact that he revolutionized the value of a small-budgeted film by carving stuff like Ee Rojullo and Prema Katha Chitram. With Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi and Mahanbhavudu, he tried something different and many hailed him. But then came Venky's Babu Bangaram and Chay's Sailaja Reddy Alludu, which have routine plots and beaten to death scenes. Here comes the next.

Going by the song 'OO Bava' from Prathiroju Pandage, one could feel that the story is all about a grandson coming to India from the USA, and doing that romance with his Maradalu and spending time with his grandfather. Uff! How many times we have seen this story on Telugu silver screen so far?

When talented directors like Maruthi dish out the same 'routing chintakaya pachhadi', frankly audiences lose interest in films. Perhaps this is one of the major causes that is driving audiences away from theatres and more towards OTT platforms like Prime Video and Netflix. 

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