Akhil All Set To Upset Two Telugu Directors

Akhil All Set To Upset Two Telugu Directors

From some time, various discussions are going on about youngster Akhil Akkineni's upcoming films. There were reports that the youngster want to score three blockbusters in a row after upsetting audiences with three flops in a row. And he has almost locked his next movies.

While working with Bommarillu Bhaskar for #Akhil4, Akhil is said to have zeroed on two directors including that of Parasuram and Awe movie fame Prashant Varma. The latest update is that Akhil is not going to start either of these movies as he feels that these two are a bit routine stuff only.

Rather, Akhil wants to go with Tamil director PS Mithran of Inkokkadu fame, as the action thriller narrated by him has impressed the Akkineni lad big time. While he will push Parasuram's movie to a later date, reports are coming to that movie with Prashant Varma is not going to happen anytime soon.

In that case, Akhil will be upsetting two Telugu directors in order to go ahead with this Tamil filmmaker.

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