AMB Cinemas, New Adda For Premieres?

AMB Cinemas, New Adda For Premieres?

One of the most popular cinema theatres in Hyderabad is Prasad's IMAX, which happens to be a collaboration between Prasads Group and AP Government (now TS government). Back then, premieres of movies used to happen here at this prestigious theatre, but slowly scene shifted to Cinemax (now PVR) in Banjara Hills. But both these destinations are no more hot favourites.

Film people have opted for Cinemax citing that reaching Prasads is a nightmare due to the staggering traffic that comes to a grinding halt most of the time on the flyover that reaches Necklace road from Khairatabad signal. Due to this, they shifted to Cinemax though it is a bit expensive. But then came AMB Cinemas, a partnership theatre owned by Asian Group and Mahesh Babu, which looks like a dazzling palace when it comes to its swanky interiors.

Whether NTR biopic premiere shows, Saaho fans show with Prabhas or the recently concluded George Reddy premiere, AMB Cinemas became the popular choice of producers to host premiere shows. Though the expenses are on a higher side, producers feel that a 'premiere' gets a new meaning when screened at a posh looking theatre like AMB Cinemas.

Of course, they are true in that aspect and that's why AMB became new landmark though the traffic menace is a big let down to reach this theatre during peak hours.

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