What Is Missing Out In George Reddy?

What Is Missing Out In George Reddy?

Much hyped film 'George Reddy' is out and critics have already declared it an average farer citing that there is not much of story in the movie. Everyone expected to see why Geroge Reddy became so famous at a young age and how his ideas have impressed, inspired and motivated his fellow students towards raising their voice.

Actually the film has scenes related to caste discrimination, ragging, crisis on camps and other stuff, but never they are soulfully connected to George Reddy nor George explains us how he feels about them, and what motived him towards leftist Marxist ideology. Explaining those ideologies along with some impactful scenes would have helped us understand George better. Rather, the film shows him as an able boxer who just fights with everyone and beats them to pulp.

While many expected the film to showcase the democratic ideologies of George Reddy for the Osmania University Campus, it has glorified only student wars and spoke about the hero carrying a set of blades in his pockets to save himself from any attacks. These glorified fighting scenes reduced George to a mere Telugu cinema hero while he was actually a real life hero, the one who inspired millions in an age where there is no internet and broader communication.

Also, the thing about George Reddy's father Challa Raghunath Reddy and how this kid born in Kerala came all the way to Hyderabad is not even touched in the film, much to anyone's surprise. Regarding the climax death sequence, George was said to be murdered by a gang of 40-plus students in broad daylight during an election rally inside hostel campus. But here in the film, the dramatisation is too abrupt and undeserving.

At the same time, the stories of George's brother Cyril settling down as Human Rights lawyer in Hyderabad and the story of other friends should have been explained in the end, but the director missed out those stunning emotional aspects of the story while he showed a lot of elevated-heroism.

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