Watch Funny Meme: Seethamma Vakitlo Asuran!

Watch Funny Meme: Seethamma Vakitlo Asuran!

Ever since producer Suresh Babu announced in an interview that they are considering Srikanth Addala of Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu fame to handle the Telugu remake of intense Tamil film Asuran, there is this widespread trolling on Twitter. And here's the epic of it.

Apparently some social media enthusiasts have come up with a video where there are the visuals of Asuran and the dialogues of Seethamma Vaakitlo attached to them. This video is bringing instant laughs as the Godavari slang centred Telugu dialogues for a rugged movie like Asuran sounds funny.

That way these netizens are expressing their dislike for Srikanth Addala helming Asuran's Telugu version, while some are feasting on the troll comedy. But the thing is, one cannot really expect what a director is capable of delivering untile he really does something. So making fun of Addala isn't the right thing to do at this point of time.

And then, there is a talk that Suresh Babu wants some able fight choreographers to handle the action sequences of the film, and they are looking forward to one. Because the action director will be directing half the cinema for sure.

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