Fresh Rumour: Samantha Is Two Months Pregnant

Fresh Rumour: Samantha Is Two Months Pregnant

Time and again, queen bee Samantha is squashing rumours related to her pregnancy. Other day, she has even vented frustration by saying 'For all those interested in the functioning of my body, I'm gonna have a baby on Aug 7, 7 am, 2022'. But then, rumours are not stopping anywhere.

Apparently some talk is going on in Film Circles that actually Samantha is two months pregnant, and hence she is wrapping the shoot of her maiden web series at a jet speed. They say that only very few people like Sam's doctor and immediate family members along with husband Chay know about the news. A strong buzz is there that she will take a break to acting career from January 2020.

While Samantha rubbished many such rumours earlier, this time, pregnancy rumour coming up just after she gave a clarity is completely surprising. Whether this will also end up as a rumour, or this will become true like how Samantha's marriage date came true though the actress denied it until a month to marriage, is what we have to see.

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