Ruler Teaser: Balayya's Numerous Wigs In Discussion

Ruler Teaser: Balayya's Numerous Wigs In Discussion

Nandamuri Balakrishna's latest movie 'Ruler' teaser is out on Thursday evening, thereby taking his fans by a surprise. It boasted lots of violence and the usual punch dialogues, but what has caught the attention of cinema lovers is the number of avatars portrayed by the Nandamuri star using various wigs.

As an inspector of police, Balayya is seen sporting a long hair wig in one of those many looks he portrayed. While he's seen with a long hair fully black hair look in one scene, he's seen with little greyed hair look in another scene. Also, the hair is a bit short in what seems to be a shot from the flashback episode.

And the other look is the super-hyped Iron Man appearance where Balayya is seen with a goatee as cinema lovers fondly called it as 'Desi Tony Stark' look. For this look, he maintained the same wig throughout, thereby giving consistency to the role.

In the past, these different types of wigs looked quite awkward for Balayya on the silver screen as audiences could easily know the difference in this digital era. That's why filmmakers are picking costly prosthetic makeups to make it look real, but Balayya has simply managed with long hair and a police cap over it.

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