I Quit Jabardasth Due To Differences: Naga Babu

I Quit Jabardasth Due To Differences: Naga Babu

Naga Babu has finally responded to the speculations and rumours surrounding his exit from Jabardasth program. Confirming that he has quit Jabardasth show, he said he will not appear from Friday's show on wards. He said he had never thought he would quit the show in the middle and he said he had always thought he would continue in the show till the end of the show. Naga Babu said circumstances have led to his exit.

Recalling his journey of Jabardasth from Feb 2013 to Aug 2019, Naga Babu said it is a long journey and it can be called as odyssey. He said it is more emotional journey and it is close to his heart. Naga Babu clarified that he had never spoken against Jabardasth show and is never behind controversies. He said he won't gain out of any controversy and said he has responded to put an end to rumours.

Naga Babu admitted that differences have led to his exit. He reasoned that the ideological differences with the organizers of the show related to the business are behind him walking out of the show. However, Naga Babu hasn't fully revealed the complete reasons. He promised to reveal the reasons for his exit slowly.

He thanked Shyam Prasad Reddy and ETV management for traveling for 7.5 years. Naga Babu said it is a record that a TV show has been consistently successful all these years. "I was in economical crisis before signing Jabardasth. Well, I had my resources then as well. But Jabardasth has been really helpful to me in that situation. Shyam Prasad Reddy is the man behind Jabardasth. He is the one who had got me there. Be it for Adhurs or for Jabardasth, he wanted me as judge. Since I love comedy, I had loved the show and it is the reason for continuing for so long," said Naga Babu.

Responding to rumours that remuneration was behind his exit, Naga Babu quashed it as rumours. He said that remuneration was never criteria for his resignation. He said they have given him decent pay. "Although the remuneration that is offered to me is not on par with my stature, it is decent. 100 percent remuneration is not the criteria for me stepping down," said Naga Babu. He said neither remuneration was reason for signing Jabardasth and nor it was reason for his exit.

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