Mani Ratnam's Yuva alias George Reddy

Mani Ratnam's Yuva alias George Reddy

Not many know that Mani Ratnam has already made his version of George Reddy. Mani Ratnam, who was not aware of the forgotten PDSU leader George Reddy, had came to knew about him and his life and was stunned. Mani had smartly inculcated the George Reddy's life in Yuva.

Suriya's Michael role in Yuva is based on George Reddy where a gold medalist turns rebel student leader. In Yuva, Mani Ratnam also shows how Suriya is arrested by cops and he teaches physics to fellow students in Jail on jail walls. This is indeed inspired by George Reddy's life.

However, Mani Ratnam hadn't made a full-length biopic of George Reddy as he just took the characterization of George Reddy for Michael's role.

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