Buzz: Rana Smuggling Tollywood Stars To Mumbai

Buzz: Rana Smuggling Tollywood Stars To Mumbai

Rana Daggubati has made a name for him in Bollywood even before he entertained the audiences there with Baahubali franchise. This is because he made an inroad into Bollywood with some simple side characters he played in some hit movies. And then, his friendship with Karan Johar got him a bit of fame.

And Rana is the one who took Baahiubali to Karan Johar and made it a phenomenon. Right now Bollywood folks are saying that actually he's smuggling south Indian stars to Bollywood. Because he is said to be the one who is linking the likes of Shahid Kapoor to Telugu directors and Vijay Devarakonda to Karan Johar and others.

It is coming out that even Samantha got The Family Man 2 web series offer due to Rana's endorsing only. Also, the actor is taking some hit Telugu films to Bollywood now as he wants to make sure that Telugu films get big recognition. Well, this smuggler needs to be called Robin Hood for becoming the voice of Tollywood in Mumbai.

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