First Day Release Tickets Free- Will This Idea Work Out?

First Day Release Tickets Free- Will This Idea Work Out?

These are the days where the first day tickets of big films are hard to find at the ticket counters while the same tickets of a small film hardly find any buyers. Despite huge promotion exercises, sometimes there is not even a  20% occupancy for the opening day shows of a few small budgeted movies. So what to do?

The makers of an upcoming film titled "Beach Road Chetan" have now come up with a new idea of roping in audiences for the release day. As they are going to pay theatre rents anyway for the first day, they have announced that the First Day tickets are completely free on the first-come-first-served basis. That's a stunner as some audiences who love freebies might surely watch the film.

And if the film's content is really good, then the positive word of mouth will be spreading everywhere thereby bringing huge footfalls from the second day. Or if the film's content is bad, surely the makers don't find audiences and by the next Monday they will get a clarity of how many theatres they could retain and how many they should give up.

If this idea works out, then more and more filmmakers might follow it in the coming days. Let's see how it goes.

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