CM Jagan is True Balayya Fan: Vijay Chander

CM Jagan is True Balayya Fan: Vijay Chander

Sr YSRCP Leader Vijay Chander, who took over the reigns as FDC Chairman, has revealed that Yuvanetha Jagan Reddy was a true Balayya fan. Vijay Chander said Jagan loves movies since childhood.

He said Jagan has been Balakrishna's fan and used to celebrate when Balayya's film gets released. Vijay Chander said CM Jagan is keen to develop the film industry and has special interest on film fraternity.

"In his childhood days, Jagan loved movies. Balayya was Jagan's favourite. He used to celebrate at their town whenever Balayya's movie is released," said Vijay Chander recalling Jagan's tryst for Balayya's movies.

These comments of Vijay Chander have come music to the ears of Balayya's fans. Balayya fans are widely sharing the video of Vijay Chander in social media and Whatsapp media.

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