Young Hero In New Deal For Old Film's Release?

Young Hero In New Deal For Old Film's Release?

Young hero Nikhil himself says, "Ee cinemaki padina kashtalu Na 17 movies ki padaledu. Oka Honest Film ni Mee deggariki teesukuravalanna Praytname Idhi #ArjunSuravaram", as he released the trailer of this much delayed movie other day.

Fact is that the film has missed out almost three release dates already, with two being official and the other one was planned but not announced. But finally, the film, which happens to be a remake of Tamil film Kanithan, directed by TN Santosh who carved the original,  is hitting cinemas on November 29th. Here is an interesting talk regarding this release.

Apparently the film is said to have suffered due to financial crunch as the makers lacked funds to clear dues and release the movie. Though the creative aspect of the film, including some tiff between director Santosh and his Telugu editor, is said to have delayed the film a bit, financial issues gave the mighty blow. But then, Geetha Arts is said to be helping this film's release now. Why so?

They say that Nikhil has now signed a three movies deal with Geetha Arts, which he might execute after he wraps Karthikeya 2 movie. As Nikhil signed them, Allu Arvind is said to be helping the release of Arjun Suravaram which was earlier titled "Mudra".

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