Mega Family's Film Studio: Here's A Major Update

Mega Family's Film Studio: Here's A Major Update

From some time there is a talk that mega family is all set to build a Film Studio with advanced technology at their Kokapet farmland. But all that talk died down as Ram Charna is using that land to build sets for his production ventures like Sye Raa then and #Chiru152 now. Here's an update about it.

After doing a bit of research and discussion, some wellwishers are said to have advised Chiranjeevi that establishing a film studio at this point of time will be a deadlock investment. This is because, with Ramoji Film City available, there is not much need for any other big studio in Hyderabad.

Also in the olden days, it used to be tough to take cameras to real locations, and hence studios. But now, digital technology brought compact equipment, that shooting is possible in all the real locations without disturbing the physicality of a location. That makes the job of the studio come down.

Also, the costs of editing suites, dubbing infrastructure have come down highly that they can be done in every filmmaker's own office. So literally big hats of the studio business including Prasad Labs, Annapurna Studios and Ramanaidu Studios itself have seen profits coming down. While these studios have no option but to depend only on films, RFC is slowly getting a chunk of its business from tourism as well.

Rather, building a Film Studio with huge investment, constructing a resort or a function hall would be earning more money is what many investors also believe. Taking all these talks into cognizance, Megastar is said to have dropped the idea of construction a Film Studio, both in Kokapet and also in Vizag.

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