I'm Gonna Have Baby On Aug 7th, 7 am, 2022 - Samantha

I'm Gonna Have Baby On Aug 7th, 7 am, 2022 - Samantha

Other day after wrapping the shoot of her maiden web series, The Family Man 2, at Baramati near Pune, queen bee Samantha took a flight back home. But due to fog issues, the flight got delayed during which she spent sometime interacting with fans. But then, the hottie got frustrated with one question she loves to hate.

When one of the fans asked her 'when are you having a kid?', Samantha's anger touched peaks. "For all those interested in the functioning of my body, I'm gonna have a baby on August 7th, 7 am, Twenty Twentytwo (2022)" she replied and that frustration could be seen on her face as she said that.

While we could understand the fact that it would be irritating to ask a married woman about getting pregnant and having a kid all the time, Samantha should have actually ignored the questions. But then, as the star heroine mentioned a date and time, people are now wondering what that date is all about?

August 7th is neither Sam nor Chay's birthday nor their wedding anniversary. But what that particular date? That's the question that is haunting her fans now.

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