Akhil's Next Worried With Vijay's World Famous Lover?

Akhil's Next Worried With Vijay's World Famous Lover?

Very rarely, two different directors actually copy the same story but there are such instances as well in Tollywood. And recently we have seen how both Nani and Naga Chaitanya came with cricket-themed movies though the content is bit different. Such occurring are proving fatal for one of the competitors.

Reports are coming that Akhil's latest film being carved by Bommarillu Bhaskar is now worried about the story of Vijay Deverakonda's upcoming flick 'World Famous Lover.' We hear that Vijay's film deals with the breakup story of a hero as he loves four heroines one after the other and goes through serious breakups. Like in life, there will be a good ending as he settles with another new girl. Even Akhil's film is said to be dealing with a similar story.

Of course, this type of storyline is not new as Bhaskar has earlier carved out 'Orange' movie with the same story idea. But what attracts the audiences are the creative scenes and the screenplay that makes them hook to the screen. So we wonder why Akhil and Bhaskar are a bit worried.

Vijay Deverakonda's 'World Famous Lover' is directed by Kranthi Madhav and the film is said to be in final stages of post-production now.

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