Tamannaah! No One Is Dying To See You Kissing

Tamannaah! No One Is Dying To See You Kissing

At times, it is quite boring to see what these star heroines utter in interviews. Time and again, when Kangana Ranaut speaks about nepotism, one wonders how come she employed her sister as manager and her brother as a dialogue writer (Manikarnika) when she's against encouraging relatives at work.

In the same way, recently milky siren Tamannaah is seen telling about her 'no kissing policy' couple of times, and how she could break the rule in case if she is offered to kiss Hrithik Roshan on the screen. Though she is getting some big films now and then, Tamannaah's career is almost done as she is not the sort after actress by leading heroes anymore. At this juncture, who asks about kissing scenes with Tamannaah is the question here.

Even Tamannaah's fans are not dying to see her kissing someone on the screen but only do some performance laced roles such that she will be remembered more as an actress than as an eye-candy who helped screens filled with glamour all the time.

No matter how many sensational comments Tamannaah will do, her films are not running as expected these days. After the failure of Devi 2, Tamannaah has now got Petromax (Anando Brahma remake) and Vishal's Action also ending up as flops in Tamil.

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