Rumour: Unofficial Boyfriend Helping Struggling Heroine

Rumour: Unofficial Boyfriend Helping Struggling Heroine

He happens to be a director who has soled depended on his communication skills rather creative talents. Suddenly his latest movie scored so hugely and since then he is waiting for big heroes to give dates. Though this director is married, he has this habit of getting close with the heroines of his movies.

In one of his average rated movies, this director has cast a beautiful lady from the North whose debut film raked up huge hype for her though it is a flop. And that heroine has appeared in major flops back to back, and due to her relationship status with a fashion designer, she never got big offers from big heroes. Eventually, even small heroes also forgot her existence.

We hear that recently she met this director, and ever since he is behaving like his unofficial boyfriend in the industry. He's not only taking her to various other directors and heroes but also influencing a couple of young heroes to give her an offer. One young hero got convinced about it and roped her in actually.

Probably this is the first time heroines are coming to know that having a talkative director as a boyfriend also helps rather than running around with heroes all the time. Anyway, if one has real talent, none of these things are necessary.

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