#ANRAwards: Rekha's Telugu Speech Is The Real Sparkler

#ANRAwards: Rekha's Telugu Speech Is The Real Sparkler

Legendary Rekha is known as the greatest beautiful heroine Bollywood has ever seen. And at times, Bollywood star heroes go mesmeric over her, while south stars rarely get a chance to meet her. But other day, Akkineni Nagarjuna felicitated her with ANR Award and she made Tolly biggies go in awe for her.

When Nagarjuna is speaking in Telugu, Rekha almost reacted to everything. That time, the audiences doesn't know the fact that Rekha not only understands but also speaks Telugu fluently. Being the daughter of Gemini Ganeshan and also know to have spent time with late legendary Savitri who happens to be her stepmom, Rekha is fluent in Tamil and Telugu as well.

As she took the mic to answer questions asked by Nagarjuna, explaining things related to her beauty, her connection with Sridevi, her love for cinema and other stuff, all the spectators are speechless as she stunned with her Telugu fluency. It is sparkler that she didn't forget Telugu despite the fact that she stays in Mumbai and a Bollywood celebrity for long.

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