Arjun Suravaram's witty promo

Arjun Suravaram's witty promo

Nikhil's long-awaited film, Arjun Suravaram is finally hitting the big screens on November 29th, after having been postponed multiple times.

The makers have released a new promo featuring the male lead, Nikhil, and Vennela Kishore.

The conversation between Nikhil and Kishore is a funny one. The latter pays very little attention to Nikhil while he is speaking about the release date of the film. He opines that the release might be postponed again and this is when Nikhil affirms that there is no postponement this time around. This teaser is a witty one.

'Arjun Suravaram' is an investigative thriller, based on true incidents. The film has Nikhil and Lavanya Tripati in the lead roles. T Santhosh is the director.

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