Buzz: Renu Desai Opted Out Of Comeback Film

Buzz: Renu Desai Opted Out Of Comeback Film

After her divorce with Pawan Kalyan, former heroine Renu Desai is trying to make her presence felt in the world of cinema someway or the other. Firstly she directed a movie, which hasn't done well and then went ahead hosting a TV show, which also didn't click.

Later, she considered coming back to acting and locked a film too. In the upcoming biopic of Stuartpuram based robber, Tiger Nageshwara Rao, which is likely to have Bellamkonda Srinivas playing the role of the protagonist, actually Renu Desai agreed to do a role. She is supposed to enact the character of Hemalatha Lavanam, who is a social reformer and daughter of popular poet Gurram Joshua.

A report is now doing rounds some good friends of Renu Desai from the journalist community are said to have advised her to not do this supporting role. They have asked her to do a film that has her in the leading role, rather doing a sidekick. Convinced by them, now Renu has opted out of this second acting debut.

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