A Silly Satire On Sai Dharam Tej's Twitter Talk

A Silly Satire On Sai Dharam Tej's Twitter Talk

"On one side, he starts 'Solo Brathuke So Better' and another side he's publicly flirting with Raashi Khanna like this, so what should we believe in?"- This is what many netizens took to Twitter to comment on Sai Dharam's recent banter on his social media page. That's a kind of silly satire on the mega hero.

If we look into the happening, Other day Raashi Khanna has tweeted, "Nidurepodu emi thinadu..Nuvve kavali antadu...nijamena???" to which Sai Dharam Tej replied, "Andukega #AngelAarna 7 Seas Daati Vachindi.". Responding on this, Raashi tweeted, "#OOBaava".

That's when it is understood that Raashi and Sai Dharam are actually trying to promote the #OOBaava song that released today (Friday). Also, the tweets gave an insight that Raashi is playing the role of Angel Aarna in upcoming Prathiroju Pandage, where Sai Dharam is the leading man.

While doing such a naughty love story on one end, Sai Dharam is getting ready to do Solo Brathuke So Betteru on the other end.

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