45-Yr-Old Beautiful Artist Rejecting Mother Roles

One of the most successful character artist who is most of the times seen in comedy induced roles is none other than Surekha Vani. Despite the fact that she's super talented, somehow big roles are not coming her way. Wonder what's the reason?

Time and again, Surekha Vani spices up her social media pages with her hottest looks as she doesn't look like a 45-year-old, neither like a mother of a twenty-year-old daughter at any instance. These days, she's not seen in many films and there seems to be a reason for that.

After the success of Kumari 21 F where Surekha appeared as heroine's mother, she's somewhat offline. But then, it is her choice that is distancing her from the screen, say sources. Apparently many directors are said to be approaching her with mother roles for young heroes, but she's not in a mood to do that.  Surekha is looking forward to either negative roles or that of a sister to star heroes, but not their mother.

Going by her hottest looks, seriously she's game for any role, but then, many young actresses like Hariteja and Vidyulekha are taking the comedy centric spot leaving no chance for seniors like Hema and Surekha. So, what to do?

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