A Story Based On Film Industry For This Debutant

A Story Based On Film Industry For This Debutant

Film Industry is always a fascination for outsiders and that's the reason people love to see film news and making videos a lot apart from the films itself. And that's why some filmmakers try to set a film in film backdrop like how this upcoming film is going to do it.

Mahesh Babu's nephew Ashok Galla is all set to make his film debut after a long wait and he is making that happen through young director Sriram Aditya's upcoming film. Going by the posters of the film, one could easily notice that there is a bit film backdrop to this movie. Upon digging a bit into it, we found that the film tells the story of a struggling guy who wants to become a hero in the film industry.

From his struggles, how this guy gets struck into a crime thing and what happens thereafter forms the rest of the story, says a source. Even in his debut film Bhale Manchi Roju, there is an episode where the hero gets comedian Prithvi from a film set and later makes him the main part of the climax. Looks like the director wants to deliver a full-length movie in that setup now.

Featuring Ashok Galla and Nidhie Agerwal in the leads, the film's regular shooting has started other day.

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