Epic Trolling: Star Hero's Video Satire Over Website's Gossip

Epic Trolling: Star Hero's Video Satire Over Website's Gossip

Sometimes star heroes take the unusual way to criticise false news and to give a bit of clarity. Here comes Superstar Akshay Kumar who has trolled a Bollywood website for coming up with a fake story on him, and his alleged fallout with the director of his latest movie Sooryavanshi.

Apparently the gossip ready that Akshay and his director Rohith Shetty are not on talking terms, and producer Karan Johar is said to have mediated between them. The gossip also mentioned that the icy vibes between the hero and producer are refusing to die down and the filming is getting badly affected due to this. So what has Akshay and Rohith has to say about this?

Akshay shared a video on his Twitter page, where Katrina Kaif has first shown the website's gossip on her mobile, then both Akshay and Rohith are engaged in a fight with each other. As people try to stop them, no we had a fallout, is what they cry and shout, as they continue the fight. Surely the video is an epic troll on the gossip and netizens are having a ball over this.

On the other hand, this is not the first time Akshay bashed gossips with his creativity.

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