Balayya proves his big heart again

One thing that we look up to our Balayya is his big heart and compassion for cancer patients. The managing trustee and chairman of Basavataram Cancer hospital, Balakrishna earlier promised one of the cancer patients, namely Swapna that he would take care of her expensive treatment. And, yikes! He indeed lived up to his promise made.

A bunch of viral photos show Balakrishna meeting Swapna and interacting with her. Sources confirm that the actor-turned-politician also took up the responsibility of her treatment. Swapna, a resident of Anantapuram and intermediate student, is suffering from bone cancer. Balakrishna has been looking after Swapna's condition from the past couple of years and now, the actor have also incorporated confidence by assuring her good days ahead.

Swapna's father works as a lorry driver and due to his feeble financial condition, Balakrishna promised the family that he will take care of the treatment. The news has made Balayya fans celebrate in gratefulness and joy. Indeed a great gesture by Balayya and he became a reason for a smile on Swapna's face today.

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