Devarakonda Confused Over Next Production Ventures

Devarakonda Confused Over Next Production Ventures

Hero Vijay Devarakonda has come up with "Meeku Maatrame Chepta" as his debut production venture which tanked at the box office big time. Though the hero made table profits from the movie, distributors who owned it are said to have lost big chunks of money.

Apparently Vijay has kickstarted two other movies along with Meeku Maatrame Cheptha. He thought that his craze will work out big time for his production ventures, but audiences are so unforgiving that only 'good content' will entice them but not the crazy and charms of a hero. And MMC's result proved that again, giving full clarity to the sensational star.

Some reports are indicating that Vijay doesn't want to go ahead with next production ventures until he finds out if the scripts he selected are worthy enough or not. He's said to have stopped all the works related to those production ventures midway, and currently taking a break before he finalises whether to go ahead with them or not.

At the same time, Devarkonda's father, who takes care of the production ventures is a bit confused that his judgement worked during Pellichoopulu time but failed miserably with Meeku Maatrame Cheptha.

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