Director Teja Focusing On 'Article 370' Now?

Director Teja Focusing On 'Article 370' Now?

Many thought that acclaimed filmmaker Teja is back on track after he delivered Nene Raju Nene Mantri that has lovely political drama narrated from the point of view of a man who loves his wife more than anything. But then, he made 'Sita' with Kajal Aggarwal and the fame has gone backwards many yards.

Teja is once again trying to find his groove as he embarked on a journey to find out an innovative story from some time. But then, someone gave him the idea of making a film on abrogation of Article 370 in connection with Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, he's said to be working a lot to find more about the article and doing extensive research to do a film on that law and the abolition day.

Naturally, for non-Hindi speaking south Indians who are far from Kashmir, it is tough to understand the social-cultural situations in J&K and make a film that could make real sense. But then, Teja is said to be daring to make a movie on Article 370 in both Telugu and Hindi as a bilingual.

Frankly speaking, Teja never handled such big political dramas and perhaps that is the reason he walked out of NTR biopic. So, will he surely make a movie on Article 370 is something we must see.

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