Now, Karthi is Jyothika's 'Thambi'

Now, Karthi is Jyothika's 'Thambi'

Though the hero hasn't let them down, Mega fans are a bit startled to come to know another crazy mega movie's title is being grabbed now. And here goes an interesting snippet.  

Apparently Tamil hero Karthi took the title 'Khaidi' in Telugu version as well and scored a commendable success at the box office. For its riveting narrative, the film got huge applause and attention. Unlike Nani who has failed to utilise a powerful title like Gang Leader, which is from a game-changing film for Megastar Chiru, Karthi made a mark with Khaidi.

After grabbing Chiru's title, he is now set to take up Pawan Kalyan's title too. Other day it was announced that Karthi's next film which also features Jyothika in a crucial role as his sister is titled 'Thambi' in Tamil. That is obvious that the film will go for the title 'Tammudu' in Telugu as the title is an aptest one for this Jeetu Joseph (Drushyam fame) directorial.

With mega heroes not using the titles of super hit mega films, surely other actors are cashing on that, say fans.

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