Young Hero's Flop Affecting Kalyaan Badly?

Young Hero's Flop Affecting Kalyaan Badly?

Some stories and films take huge time to turn into a full-pledged movie, and though we cannot call that a 'fate' centric thing, somehow it happens like that. Here is this story of director Puli Vasu that was first launched with Sudheer Babu and Mehrene but later called off, and went to Mega alludu Kalyaan Dhev later, which is said to be in troubles again.

Recently we have seen the first look of Kalyaan Dhev's Super Macchi which feature Rhea Chakraborthy as the female lead. Talk is that the producer of this film who has made Thippara Meesam as well, is actually expecting Sree Vishnu's movie to do extremely well that there will be no hurdles for the flow of cash. But with Thipppara Meesam failing to twirl its moustache at the box office, the producer is said to be finding it difficult to wrap Mega Alludu's movie.

Being son-in-law of Megastar Chiru, surely Kalyaan will not be expecting the film to get halted midway and he's said to be on the lookout for a bailout from his influential mega family. Some of the producers close to Megastar might join as a partner for Super Macchi in order to complete the balance 50% work of the film, says a source.

Many production houses often depend on one film's success to propel their other ventures in the production pipeline. If they have such ideas, maybe they should practice making only one venture at a time rather taking up multiple ventures.

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