Ramakrishna Tenali Trailer: Fun Guaranteed

Ramakrishna Tenali Trailer: Fun Guaranteed

Sundeep Kishan is hoping to amuse family audience with his next release Ramakrishna Tenali BA BL directed by G Nageswar Reddy who is known for making hilarious entertainers.

Going by the trailer, Sundeep is a small time advocate who settles long-pending cases in court. To attract clients, he even announces attractive discounts.

Hansika Motwani also plays an advocate whom Sundeep adores. The next episodes promise the film is going to be a fun ride for viewers.

The latter half of the trailer gets serious with Sundeep taking up a murder case. First time, he pronounces no compromise depicting his seriousness on the case.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar who plays a negative role is also seen in the trailer.

The last dialogue, 'This is Tenali style,' will please the locals of Tenali.

How the advocate solves this murder mystery forms the plot.

BGM by Sai Kartheek gives comedy feel in the initial episodes and production values are fine.

The film is slated for release on 15th of this month.

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