If Not Me, Baba Should Win Title - Sreemukhi

If Not Me, Baba Should Win Title - Sreemukhi

Sreemukhi, who stood as runner-up in Bigg Boss Telugu season 3, admitted that losing the title is not a happy moment for her. Stressing that winning and losing are part and parcel of the game and life, Sreemukhi, however, said losing the Crown has disappointed her.  She said she would like to see a woman contestant to win the title of Bigg Boss in future seasons.

Talking about her close-friend in the Bigg Boss house, Sreemukhi said it was Baba Bhaskar. She said she is missing Baba Bhaskar and the Bigg Boss house. Sreemukhi said initially she had felt that time was running fast and days were completing quickly whereas coming towards end, she felt that she is attached to the house, inmates and the house environment like Kitchen.

Sreemukhi said lack of communication with outside world, lack of mobile has made her focus on human emotions and relationships. She said it would feel bad when any contestant leaves the house.

When asked about who she had wanted to win the title if not her, pat came reply from Sreemukhi. Sreemukhi said she wanted Baba Bhaskar to win the title if not her. Sreemukhi said Baba Bhaskar is the male version of herself. She said both their personalities have very close resemblance. She said they both are foodies. Sreemukhi also recalled how Baba Bhaskar and she are interested in cooking and dancing. She said she felt happy that even audience have liked their jodi.

But taking many by surprise, it is Rahul Silpgunj who had walked away with the Bigg Boss crown.

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