Is This Director Back To Nani?

Is This Director Back To Nani?

Looks like the non-availability of heroes dates is becoming a worrying factor for some directors, while others are struggling to get the right story such that heroes will give them dates. Struggling in the first category is none other than Siva Nirvana who has scored an impressive hit with his recent outing Majili.

Actually Siva Nirvana is all set to direct Vijay Devarkonda as he prepared a village backdrop story for him. But then, Vijay has got an invitation from Puri Jagan and that changed most of his plans. After wrapping World Famous Lover, the young hero wants to take up delayed-project Hero and Puri's film. That makes Siva Nirvana to wait for another 7-8 months easily.

Reports are now coming up that actually Siva Nirvana went to Nani with the same story hoping that the film will take off immediately. As Nani has only a month more to shoot for 'V' and signed no other project, surely Siva's film will take off immediately. Looks like that is a win-win situation for both.

In the recent times, even Sukumar moved to Allu Arjun from Mahesh Babu for the same reason as the director doesn't want to wait after the hero picked up Sarileru Neekevvaru in between, though he was supposed to work on Rangasthalam director's flick first.

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