Ramya Krishna And Madhavan Turn 'Mega' Parents

Ramya Krishna And Madhavan Turn 'Mega' Parents

Some pairings always create a fascination among the viewers. While the likes of Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are a superhit pair that are ruled out now, directors are bringing veteran heroes and heroines to do the same. Here's an interesting snippet about one such upcoming pairing.

For the upcoming film of Varun Tej, which revolves around the theme of boxing, we hear that 'Sivagami' Ramya Krishna is picked up for the role of mother. But coming to hero's father role, they say that Madhavan is most likely to give nod for it. Now imagine how the pairing of Ramya and Madhavan looks on the screen.

Definitely it will be one hell of a powerhouse as both the 50-year-old actors are known for delivering some stunners in recent times. Whether Ramya in Baahubali or Madhavan in Breathe web series, they just captivate the viewers with their stunning screen presence. And now that they are going to appear in the strong author-backed role, surely #VT10 is going to get bigger and better.

Recently some rumours are out there that #VT10 is being kept on hold as Varun Tej is considering to take off his project with Surender Reddy first. But it seems like that is being a mere rumour.

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