New Director Asking 'Commitment' From Female Jr Artists

New Director Asking 'Commitment' From Female Jr Artists

Despite the fact that #MeToo storm has shaken the very roots of entertainment industries across the world, it looks like many predators are still out there. Especially those directors who have been in the industry for years are unable to come out of this wrongdoing.

A newly debuting director who has actually spent almost 15 years as an associate and co-director in the industry is right now getting into the news for his cheapest behaviour on sets. Other day, a female Junior Artist is said to have walked from the shooting spot alleging that the director is seeking sexual favours from her. Shocked by this incident, the production house behind the project is said to have cornered the director regarding this behaviour as their reputation will be at stake.

Upon inquiry, some other part-time actresses are also said to have revealed that the director sought commitment from them in order to give a role in the movie. Currently, everyone working for the film are making sure that the news won't come out and some biggies have landed in to solve the issues.

Sexual misconduct is something that should be treated by punishment, isn't it?

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