USA: H-1B visa application fee hiked by 10$!

USA: H-1B visa application fee hiked by 10$!

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has hiked the fee for the application of H1B visa by ten Dollars.

This hike is part of their revised selection process and is a non-refundable one. With this hike, USCIS is planning to introduce new electronic registration system for selection process of H1B applicants and they claim that it will be more effective for both the applicant and federal agency.

This new electronic registration system is likely to get implemented from the year 2021 and currently the USCIS is testing the system.  

The H-1B program allows US companies to temporarily employ foreign workers who are highly skilled in respective specialization.

India and China working professionals are the highest number of H1B visa applicants. This hike will certainly burn the pockets of US job seekers.

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