Why DSP & Thaman Do It In Chennai- Here's A Version

Why DSP & Thaman Do It In Chennai- Here's A Version

A couple of weeks ago, it has come out that many star producers are actually worried about working with Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman, because of the exorbitant expenses involved in roping them. As they operate from Chennai, providing 7-star accommodations to them in Hyderabad is costing them a bomb. But then, there is another version as to why Thaman and DSP stay in Chennai only.

The primary reason for these two top music composers to settle in Chennai is that there they could do the best of their work. Because in Hyderabad, there is a huge lack of availability when it comes to individual music players of specific instruments. Say we need 40 violin players and 20 clarinet players, it is very hard to find people here who could read music from the sheets and play it. But in Chennai, there is a pool of talent where musicians are available in abundance. Perhaps that is the reason DSP and Thaman made Chennai their base.

A source working in the music industry says, "In Hyderabad, if a guy learns an instrument like guitar, very soon he will look forward to become a music director. But in Chennai, a guitarist stays a guitarist forever and explores various genres, variations and formates of playing the guitar throughout his life. Such skilful creative musicians are tough to find here in Hyderabad".

So to get the best people playing their music, both Thaman and DSP are actually staying in Chennai we must say.

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