Mahesh's Nephew Gives Up On Dil Raju!

Mahesh's Nephew Gives Up On Dil Raju!

Way back in October last year, Mahesh Babu's nephew Ashok, who happens to be the son of TDP MP Jayadev Galla and Mahesh's elder sister Padmavathi was all set to make a foray into films. A grand launch function has happened with Dil Raju being the producer and Nabha Natesh as the heroine. However, the film got dragged for a year.

After giving up on that love story to be directed a fresher, Ashok Galla moved to his next script which is a crime drama that will be directed by Sriram Aditya of Bhale Manchi Roju and recent DevaDas fame. But we are hearing that Dil Raju is not convinced with the wafer-thin plotline that has only comedy scenes but not much of a story.

Unable to convince Dil Raju with the story, now the hero himself moved out of the production house. It is reported that Ashok's father and mother will be turning producers now for his debut movie, which was supposed to happen a year ago. This is going to happen on November 10th at Ramanaidu studios.

Leaving a traditional producer and taking the onus of making a movie on own shoulders is a bit risky in the current market scenario. We have to see how far Ashok Galla will succeed in this aspect.

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