Pics: Pranitha Looks Hot In Acroyoga Pose

Beautiful Pranitha Subhash posted a new photo on her Instagram practising acro yoga.  A combination of yoga and acrobatics, Pranitha is seen being lifted up by her girl partner. The actress wore shorts and baby pink sports bra, looking as fit as a fiddle.

Pranitha captioned the inspirational picture as - 'More important than strength, mobility or flexibility in #acroyoga is the trust . Trust in ur partner.. where you just give all the weight, all the control into their hands (and feet)'. Acroyoga itself is not completely about achieving fitness but also to learn trust. And Pranitha along with her partner is doing wonderfully.

In spite of blessed genes, Pranitha works hard to keep her body shape much toner and prettier. Pranitha is seen supporting herself for balance and her partner lifted her up showing amazing flexibility and strength. The pose that these two adorable ladies did is called high-flying whale and is actually a beginner's pose. And, with this new technique,  Pranitha surely gave us some fitness goals.

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