How Vithika's Exit Failed Varun Sandesh?

How Vithika's Exit Failed Varun Sandesh?

#BiggBoss3 is over and audiences still can't forget the fact that three favourites of the crown including Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi has walked out of the house and the show forever without the trophy. Especially, fans of Varun Sandesh and Vithika duo are in a super shock.

If you watched the Sunday night Finale episode of #BiggBoss3, surely it is tough to forget the expression Vithika gave when hero Srikanth announced Varun's elimination and walked him out of the house. Like her, many fans also got shocked as they are expecting Varun to stand till the end of the game and expected in the worst-case scenario he will be the first runner up.

A close observation of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu in its last three weeks gives us the picture of Varun Sandesh and his failed fame. When there was Vithika inside the house, she used to nag him a lot, doubt others, disturb them and even irritated many to the core. And Varun used to take up all these challenges and sort out issues like a pro. That gave him enormous craze. Once Vithika is out, there are no such issues, and he became to cool and a bit lousy we must say.

Simply put, Varun failed to click after Vithika's exit as none pulled his leg. Had Vithika been there, maybe he would have stood in the Top 2 as audiences would have loved him for standing against his wife's irrational behaviour.

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