Pic Talk: Niharika Hot In Retro Look

Pic Talk: Niharika Hot In Retro Look

In recent times, if there is a star kid who has upped the ante in the Telugu industry, that is none other than Niharika Konidela we must say. Whether that is her look at Sye Raa party or at Megastar's Diwali bash or at her father Nagababu's birthday party, she is looking a tonne of gold.

In the latest picture shared by the young actress who is also producing movies and web series, she is surely raising the temperature big time with her charms. Dressed in a retro style, with a shining sequin black dress and that big red flower behind her ear, Niharika holds the receiver of a first-generation luxury telephone.

"Hello, is it 2019 or 1920?" asks Niharika, as she shared the picture, but beauty has no age we must say as she dazzles in this avatar. We wonder if the mega daughter is going to tease the audiences only on Instagram or she is going to stun audiences on the silver screen in a similar fashion.

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