All Struggling Heroines Getting Chances From Him

All Struggling Heroines Getting Chances From Him

Actor Sundeep Kishan is struggling to score a hit these days and his next film A1 Express that has Hockey theme got launched today, while another film Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL is getting ready for release. Here is an interesting take on his heroines.

It could be observed that most of the struggling heroines, the ones who started on a high note but not getting big offers right now, are actually getting chances to shine opposite Sundeep. First, we have Regina, who has joined him in Nakshatram.

Then we got Mehreen in C/o Surya, Amyra Dastur in Manasuku Nachindi, and then Hansika in the upcoming Tenali Ramakrishna. All these hotties except Amyra have once risen to fame with a couple of films but then fallen like comets.

Latest to join the bandwagon is none other than Andala Rakshasi Lavanya Tripathi, who has lost her fame quite surprisingly in recent times. At a time when there are no offers in hand for her, Sundeep's A1 Express is like that silver lining.

What is to be seen is that, so far, all these struggling beauties failed to capitalise the chances, and now that Hansika and Lavanya are gearing up for a showdown, we have to see how far they will click.

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