The Quote Hints The Story of Nani's V?

The Quote Hints The Story of Nani's V?

"At this hour Lie at my mercy all mine enemies" is the quote printed on Nani's latest film "V" poster released today, which is a dialogue written by William Shakespeare. And then, what does this quote really say about the film and Nani's character inside it? Let's find it out.

The above quote is actually taken from legendary English writer Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest'. It is said by the protagonist Prospero who is hell-bent on taking revenge on his brother who conspires along with the king of Italy to remove him as a duke. Wearing a magical costume, the protagonist Prospero takes revenge on the people who backstabbed him, but in the end, realises that there needs to be no such bloodshed and becomes the Duke of Milan again.

Looks like Nani's V has a similar plot about which writer-director Mohan Krishna Indraganti indicates the audiences quite intelligently. We hear that Nani will be seen in the role of Pshycho Killer like man, but it is revealed later that his revenge has something to do with the incidents that happened in the past. Whether Sudhir Babu will be seen as his brother or not is something we should see now.

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