Chopped Role Has Disappointed Anasuya?

Chopped Role Has Disappointed Anasuya?

Despite the fact that anchor Anasuya put her best foot forward to promote Meeku Maatrama Chepta, audiences who have seen her inside the movie, have got shocked. This is because she is seen only hardly in 2-3 scenes inside the film, in an impact-less role that is neither glamorous nor thrilling.

While all the critics gave an earful to Anasuya already to not do such minuscule roles in the near future, the fact is that the anchor is said to have got shocked with the final cut of the movie. The whole of the second half actually runs on one single suspense element and in the end, it is revealed that Anasuya is the cause of it. To make that interesting, she's said to have starred in more than 10 scenes, but they were all mercilessly chopped at the editing table.

The backstory of Anasuya's character, the hospital issue she speaks about, her personal life issue and others are just narrated to audience through words, but actually they're said to have shot them. But after watching the movie with the team at AMB Cinemas other day (Nov 1st), the actress got pretty upset that she got limited to a couple of scenes, says a source.

Perhaps that is the reason why she's not doing any post-release promotions for the film.

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